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ShockWatch: Damage Prevention and Safety Solutions

From forklift and pedestrian safety to the safe transport of sensitive and fragile goods, we provide the innovations that help businesses reduce damage and maintenance related costs while creating a safer place to work.

  • Products sold in more than 62 countries

  • More than 100 million Shipping & Handling Monitors sold worldwide

  • Approaching 100,000 Equipment Monitors sold worldwide

  • Pedestrian Alert System

  • Easy Cut Safety Knives

  • Wicke Castors and Wheels

Shipping and Handling Monitors

Every time you ship or store your goods, they become subject to damage due to mishandling. And every time your goods arrive in poor condition, they put your reputation, your customer relationship, and your bottom line at risk.

ShockWatch® Shipping & Handling Monitors accompany your goods throughout the supply chain to encourage proper handling and to provide evidence of any mishandling. Select the type of monitoring you need for your goods.

Impact Indicators tilt indicators impact recorders Temperature indicators group image Trekview standard image
Impact Indicators Tilt Indicators Impact Recorders Temperature Indicators Temperature Recorders

Equipment Monitors

You alone can't manage your fleet around the clock , but without supervision, your equipment is subject to unsafe operation and disrepair. Recklessness and improper maintenance can result in injury and costly damage to your equipment, products, and facility. That’s why managers depend on our Equipment Monitors..

Our Equipment Monitors mount directly onto your equipment to capture a variety of data. Use the EquipCommand™ software to view all your fleet information right at your workstation. Custom reporting capabilities allow you to perform analysis for complete fleet management.

ImpactManager RF and ID

Pedestrian Alert System

Improve Safety for pedestrians with PAS, a proximity alert system for forklifts and pedestrians

The Pedestrian Alerts System (PAS) from Icnita Safety, is the solution for the prevention of workplace accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians.
Learn more >

Pedestrian Alert System pic

Easy Cut Safety Knives

Finally a safe cutter that is easy to use.

The Easy Cut range of Safety Knives will reduce accidents, increase productivity and save time. It is the easiest cutter on the market to use and protects your product from damage.

Easy Cut 2000 Safety Knife Easy Cut Pocket Cutter

Easy Cut 2000 Safety Knife

Easy Cut Pocket Cutter

Wicke wheels logo smallCastors and Wheels

WICKE – established in 1866, WICKE is a manufacturer of wheels as well as swivel and fixed castors for every field of transport application



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